NATUREPLAY : integrating GREEN SPACE skills and therapeutic play


Course title: NATUREPLAY; green space skills  and Therapeutic Play

hosted by

Circle Of Life Creative Spark 

Course dates and times: 1st - 2nd april 2019


Price: £175 This price includes lunch, teas and coffees

Location: MILL Wood east sussex 


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Marina Robb and Kate Macairt have worked together for many years and are experienced facilitators of  training in outdoor education, creative play and child development

Natureplay training is experiential, practical and theory based, designed to enhance FS skills and provide all those who want to work  outdoors with creative methods to support positive communication with young people

the course will explore the effects of ACE’s ; adverse childhood experiences and offer effective tools to help understand and support children in the forest school setting.





2 day training with expert FS trainer Marina Robb (COLR) and Creative Play Therapist and trainer Kate Macairt