2022 FINDING BALANCE ; the being in doing

 FACE TO FACE TRAINING ; all necessary social distancing measures adhered to 

2022 - courses and workshops 

venues in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Cornwall, Essex - 

for more information please 

CONTACT  Kate Macairt at creativespark.kate@outlook.com

 Kate Macairt longtime Course Director for Play Therapy training organisation PTI , former Director of COLR  and an experienced facilitator of  training in outdoor education, creative play and child development


Creative Spark workshops for 2022 have SELF CARE and EQUILIBRIUM at their heart. At this time it seems vital that we strive to find the middle ground, avoiding extremes and a dualistic mindset.  As always you will be shown diversity of  creative methods which benefit our personal growth and provide useful tools to use with clients and groups. 

FINDING BALANCE; one day workshop which focuses on how our Great Mother archetypal energy can be used to help us relax and just 'be',giving ourselves time for reflection and finding inner calm.

ACTIVATING ARCHETYPES ; deepen understanding of archetypes and their significance in the creative play process 

NATURAL ALCHEMY ; a simple and effective method which utilises natural materials and elemental forces to effect transformation 

LANDPLAY ; a long established ( since 2014)  2 day outdoor play therapy training for PlayTherapists and Counsellors